Fawn Dawn Studios is a small startup studio with members all over the globe. Started by Shield Generator VII and SiMonk0. Stonicorn is the studio’s first major game project.


Project Leader


Level Designer

Creator of the universe. Doer and redoer of reality. Hardcore programmer who likes to make things tick. Chasing the indiegame dev dream. Specializes in shield and portal magic.



Graphic Designer

UI Designer

Description should be here but he is too lazy to write anything.

Charlie Muffyderp



I move words and letters around so they look nice, help out with some rock work and make sure the stones are working. Gotta keep them stones working.





Multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, composer, and songwriter. I have a passion for writing story-driven music, as well as singing about ponies with glowing eyes.




The biggest Lyra fan you'll ever meet. Aspiring writer, musician, programmer, game designer... well, he aspires to a lot of things. Better at some then others, but thankfully for the Stonicorn Team, writing is one of his strong suits.





My name is UndreamedPanic, and music has been my life ever since I was a small child. I've been playing guitar since I was 6 and making music since I was 12. I am currently working on finally getting my PhD and Masters in music.





I'm here too...



Concept Artist


Amateur illustrator and concept artist, Mix-up up has done over 50 cover art on a number  FimFictions story writers, and has done concept art work for a number of Brony games. Capable of designing creatures, vehicles, and buildings and landscapes, he wishes to be as close as possible to the heart of the creative process to fuel life in his illustrations of the game. Always amazed at the creativity and passion behind the Brony fandom community in all its aspects, whether it be art, music, stories or games, they inspire him in much of his art. Aspiring to become a professional concept artist in the video games industry, he enjoys designing and creating whole words in his illustrations in the hope to inspire others to create their own content, and so to renew the cycle once again.





SaladDean Yamsuf Eggyub, First Saltan of Wheatgypt and Soyria, and founder of the Eggyubid dynasty.  When I'm not retaking the lands of the Leafant for its rightful inhabitants and fighting my nemesis Ryenald, I help out with video game projects on the internet.