Free copy for our Patrons


Every patron who in total donated more than the final game is worth, will receive a free copy of Stonicorn when the game releases.

That means even the people who only donate $1/month can get a free copy!


Am I charged up front?


You do not pay us immediately when you’re pledging to our Patreon. This also means that you receive the content with the beginning of the month.

Same goes for changing the pledge amount. You only pay with the new month.




We are willing to give a refund if we were unable to fulfill the promised rewards on Patreon.

However, we won’t be giving refunds for payments that were more than one month old.


Patreon-only posts


On patreon-only posts we publish content that is:

  • Much higher quality
  • A WIP process of making the picture (if it’s concept art), assets etc.
  • A description detailing the picture a bit


This is for the content that shows up on our other medias as well but in much lower quality.

Content that appears only on patreon is:

  • Tech gameplay previews
  • Development screenshots
  • Unfinished content